PixelJunk Shooter 2 In Full Production!

Any PixelJunk fans here? Maybe? Well, if not you are missing out on some great games. At the end of April, all PixelJunk games were 50% off. To be honest, the best PixelJunk game to date has to be PixelJunk Shooter. It’s just all around awesome 2D sidescrolling fun with simple high def graphics.

Well if the first game wasn’t enough, PixelJunk Shooter 2 is officially in full production. Everything you’ve come to love from the first game will be familiar in the sequel with of course many new features to make the game even bigger. And of course things that were thought of for the first game but not implemented are said to be worked on for PJ Shooter 2.

For those of you who are unsure about just how awesome PixelJunk Shooter is, May 25th will be the date to look out for because a level from the game is finally being released as a demo. “The level has explosive gas, magma, water, tons of cool enemies, volcanic eruptions and you can wreak all kinds of havoc with the fluid physics. This will push you over the edge to get the game!”

via The Playstation Blog

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