Weekly Trivia Round 2

Welcome back to Platform Nation’s weekly trivia.  We hope that you had fun with our last installment.  This weeks questions will be a general mix again with some difficult and some pretty easy questions.  Next week’s set will have a theme, that I’ll reveal on Friday when I post the answers for set #2.

I’m always open to feedback or suggestions for a theme to base my trivia questions on for a particular week.  If this grows to be a popular feature, there may be some small surprises sprinkled in occasionally.

So, without further ado…. I give you the weekly trivia questions.

  1. The voice actor who plays Zoey in Left 4 Dead has also provided voices for some other iconic characters usually associated with Microsoft and Nintendo. What were the names of  two of these characters?
  2. In 2002, Microsoft introduced a feline character with the hopes that it would become a mascot of sorts for the company and for the Xbox console. What was the character’s name?
  3. In the arcade version of Moonwalker, what happens when Michael picks up his pet chimp Bubbles?
  4. This quirky Dreamcast game required you to care for and converse with a strange half-man, half-fish creature. What was the name of the game?
  5. In The Legend of Zelda for the NES, how do you get past the Goriya who says “Grumble Grumble”?
  6. The Super Mario Bros. Super Show featured live action segments. Which actors played the parts of Mario and Luigi?
  7. Super Metroid opens with two spoken sentences. What are they?
  8. In Super Mario Bros 3, the king of each world has been transformed into a different animal. What animal was the king of World 1 transformed into?
  9. Widely regarded as the worst game available for the Xbox Live Arcade, this “advergame” was promoting a specific model of car. What was the name of the game?
  10. In 2007, a knockoff of Nintendo’s Wii console was released in China. What is the imaginative and creative name of this console?

Answers for set two will be posted on Friday May 21th by 12pm EDT.

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  • #1. No Idea.
    #2. Blinx?
    #3. No Idea, but I have some jokes(Too soon?)
    #4. Seaman
    #5. You have to use the monster bait? I think…
    #6. Capt. Lou Albano (RIP) and I don’t know Luigi…
    #7 No clue.(although, I could look it up, but that’s cheating..) 😛
    #8. I wanna say a snake?
    #9. Yaris (UGH…)
    #10. The Vii?

  • Julian Montoya (DarthJuLiOh)

    Damn, this one is kinda hard…

    1. Peach and Cortana
    2. I don’t know, maybe Blinx?
    4. Seaman
    6. Lou Albano, and Danny Wells
    9. Yaris
    10. Vii, or the Wü

  • Good guesses you two. A little late posting the answers, but I wanted to see if any more people tried.

    The set I’ll post tomorrow, for week #3 will be a themed set, hopefully not as challenging and will have a prize. I’ll post the details on how to win and what the prize is tomorrow.

    Set #2 answers.

    1) Cortana, Princess Peach and Dixie Kong. Any two would have been correct.

    2) Blinx

    3) Michael turns into a robot

    4) Seaman

    5) Give him the bait/meat.

    6) Captain Lou Albano and Danny Wells

    7) “The last Metroid is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace.”

    8) A dog

    9) Yaris

    10) The Vii

    Thanks to those that posted answers.

    Look for the next trivia questions tomorrow morning as well as the prize announcement and how to win. The questions will be theme related to the prize.