Call of Duty: Black Ops Trailer Boasts Rappelling, Crossbows

Guess what our good ol’ buddies over at Treyarch just released. I’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with “full-length Call of Duty: Black Ops tailor.” In fact, I won’t give you any hints besides that one because if you can’t figure that one out, then you’re either really bad at games or your computer may have an issue with italicized text.

You may recall that at the beginning of the month, Treyarch let loose with a rather short teaser trailer. Other than being extremely vague and little more than proof that the game is actually in existence (what else does a teaser do, though?), it did bring about Treyarch community manager Josh Olin to reveal that the first full Black Ops trailer would be unveiled on ESPN with “brand-new, 100% gameplay.”

Watching the new trailer, you may notice a few things, namely that there is indeed a crossbow of presumably military quality, and there are about three more rappelling scenes than you would expect—not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I feel like Treyarch is really squeezing the oranges that gave the best juice from Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare games, explicitly stated being first-person gameplay storytelling for serious immersion and slick battle scenarios. Yet to be determined, though, is whether or not they pulled it off or they just managed to pull some clips that made the game look thus far successful. At least the chugging guitar riffs and slightly hackneyed dialogue is still in place.

Call me cautiously optimistic. Treyarch must know that the ball of the most ginormous of proportions is in their court after all this Infinity Ward-Activision business. Until the machete-gutted Infinity Ward comes back with their own Call of Duty, this may at least somewhat partially determine the immediate future (read: success) of the franchise. E3 will tell.

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