Dead Space Main Character Playable in Skate 3

Your eyes do not deceive, this is Dead Space protagonist Isaac Clarke doing a kick-flip. Isaac Clarke is an unlockable character in Skate 3. While playing through Dead Space, the last thing I was thinking was, “It would be cool if I can use this guy to ride a skateboard, that’d be rad”, but nonetheless, the Skate team has given me the opportunity regardless. To play as Isaac just enter the code “DEADSPACETOO”, and he will be unlocked alongside a custom board.

This is completely stupid and doesn’t really fit in the Skate universe at all, but I still like it. It reminds me of the old days and how games used to work. The Tony Hawk games always had a fun cast of unlockable characters to play, and it’s nice to see that coming back into the current gen.

How do you guys feel about this madness? What say you reader?!

(Source Destructoid)

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