Games We Need To Play In HD

We all are, at some extent, graphic whores. We expect our favorite games to be just fun, to have engaging and innovative gameplay, but oh how we like when they look good. You see, graphics enhance the experience in huge levels. Just imagine GTA4 without a breathing, living, and beautiful place to kill, drive and pay for hookers. The extremely well done Liberty City is like another character, and another layer for a great experience. I bet more often than not when you’re retro gaming (or Wii gaming), you can’t help but wonder “man, this game would look sweet on HD”. But, what games could really benefit from an HD treatment? It’s a difficult question, because HD has not been as integral to gaming as, let’s say, the change from 2D, to 3D, and it doesn’t necessarily add anything valuable to gameplay. But hey, wishing is free, and that’s why I’ve compiled a bunch of games that would certainly look awesome on HD.

5. Final Fantasy VII (PS1)

To be honest, almost any Final Fantasy title could benefit from an HD treatment (my favorites being FFVI and FFVIII). But FFVII is the one title people remember fondly the most. Besides, we have already seen how bad-ass Sephiroth looks in HD, but we want more. We want a huge and beautiful representation of Midgar, Nibelheim, battles reminiscent of those seen in FFXIII, and above all, a very dramatic and cinematic scene with Sephiroth killing Aeris.

4. Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

This game is pure art. It came late in the life of the PS2, and it showed the world what the weakest console was capable of. It all comes down to the artistic approach, you know? and Team Ico has plenty of amazing artists to be proud of. Shadow of the Colossus is an obvious choice for an HD treatment, as more horsepower would allow more detail and freedom in an already huge world, and better looking Colossi. In addition, the soundtrack is one of the best in the gaming history, and who wouldn’t want to experience it at its best in glorious Dolby Digital?

3. Patapon Series (PSP)

This one is not about a huge amount of polygons on screen, but just imagine seeing that huge army of Patapons battling in huge and beautiful environments, full of pretty particle effects, dynamic weather and whatnot. Not only it would let you take a clearer look at how your Patapons are performing, but the whole experience would be epic. Besides, the game is all about the sounds, and the music, and an HD version would bring Dolby Digital to the table.

2. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (GCN / Wii)

This is sadly just wishful thinking at the moment, but still, the whole Legend of Zelda series are great examples of how a game can be immersive, epic and beautiful. In particular, Twilight Princess is pretty much the darkest and most complex of the Zelda games (maybe on par with Majora’s Mask), so it is a perfect fit for a graphic boost. An HD, realistic Link, and a Hyrule the size and detail of Cyrodiil would be just too much for a single fan to handle; it would be gaming nirvana, at the very least. Add a completely orchestrated soundtrack and we’re in for a Game of the Decade candidate.

1. Okami (PS2 / Wii)

This game was an artistic showcase of last generation, and it had a pretty innovative gameplay too. Boasting environments fused with ancient Japanese art and music, an HD version would let us witness the beauty of the whole world, the way it should be seen. The developers now would have more tools at hand to make us feel like our world is an ancient parchment, and that we can manipulate it with real-looking ink. Okami is a game that just deserves to be in HD, and the world deserves it that way. Oh and we’re not even beginning to explore the possibilities PlayStation Move and Project Natal could bring to this wonderful franchise; but that’s topic for another article. One can only wish…

So this is a small compilation of games begging to be in HD, with true surround sound and a fair amount of polygons, but surely you have more suggestions, don’t you?. So stop reading and start speaking your mind in the comment section below!

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