P*N Game Night: Red Dead Redemption

What’s up again Platform Nation community, you may have seen that we announced we are going to be having a Red Dead Redemption Weekend and we are pleased to tell you that we are holding a gaming night for Rockstars open world wild west title; Red Dead Redemption! We will be playing all available game modes and giving away some XBLA games as well. The XBLA games you can win are Perfect Dark, Fret Nice & KrissX all require no skill to win just turn up on the night and your entered to win!

We are playing on both Xbox 360 & PS3 versions. Find all the details below;

We will be playing this Sunday the 23rd @ 5pm – 7pm EST (East Coast USA) & 10pm – 12pm GMT (UK & Ireland)

The host for the Xbox 360 side is Andrew Hunt (That’s’ me!) and if you want to let me know if you will be playing on the 360 just send me a message on Xbox Live, my gamertag is Boss Kamikaze.

The host for the PS3 side is Dorian Whittley and if you want to let him know if you will be playing on the PS3 side just send a message to him, his PSN ID is WindNinjaDW.

If you have any discussions hop over here on our forums and let it be known and one of the P*N forums users will be sure to get back to you! Some of our staff will be playing so why not join in on the fun and you can try your hand at winning some XBLA games! P*N looks forward to gaming with you!

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