Target Demographic – Episode 091 Geocache Money

To tackle the main topic of geocaching, we bring in two old friends of the show – Tony and Brandon. Matt and Bryan are missing in action, but we still manage to have a great trip around the pool table. Also, we have a good discussion of EA’s expansion of Project Ten Dollar and Nintendo’s new focus on competing with Apple.

Around the Pool Table:
-Riff Trax: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Avatar.
-Samarost 2
-Pay what you want indie bundle
-Civ 4

– Played through Modern Warfare 2 on PS3
– Played a lot of LittleBigPlanet
– Purchased Metroid Prime Trilogy
– Tried Final Fantasy XIII
– Watched The Men Who Stare at Goats

– Halo Reach Beta
– Played Left4Dead 2
– Battlefield 1943
– NHL 2010 – Be a Pro Mode
– Watched Iron Man 2
– Watched Robin Hood

-Played though The Sabotuer
-Now suck at MW2
-Watched Iron Man 1 (took 3 weeks) and Iron Man 2
-Lego Universe Closed Beta
-Purchased Red Dead: Redemption

TD Newscast (all sources are links):
– Jonathan and Nintendo have something else in common. We both agree that Apple is the “enemy of the future” (via Edge Online).

– EA’s “Project Ten Dollar” gets a bit more vicious. (via Kotaku).

Main Topic: Geocaching:
– What is Geocaching?
– Why does it appeal to us (most of us) personally?
– Any fun memories?
– It is growing in popularity, but does it have potential to become mainstream?
– Do the proliferation of smart devices mean that the “art” has to evolve?

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