Amazon’s Singularity Pre-order Incentives

“Harvest the Singularity and claim the future as your own” when you pre-order Singularity on Amazon. With a pre-order on the site, gamers will receive an exclusive graphic novel “allowing gamers to delve deeper into the mysterious events off the Russian Peninsula that resulted in the unravelling of time itself.” I’m not much of a graphic novel fan, but from the screens below, it looks like a nice little addition to the game for the fans. Even if you aren’t a fan of graphic novels, it looks to be a neat little book that gives some more insight into the backstory that is probably omitted from the game. Although things like this should be included with all copies of the game and not just a pre-order incentive.

“The Singularity graphic novel is penned and illustrated by top industry talent, including David Atchinson (Occult Times Taskforce), Christopher Morrison (Dust, 13 Chambers), Davide Fabbri (Dark Horse’s Star Wars) and Tom Mandrake (Batman, The Punisher).”

If graphic novels aren’t your thing, along with the Xbox 360 pre-order of Singularity on Amazon, you’ll also receive the game Prototype for free! I personally enjoyed Prototype. There’s just something fun about being an overpowered character that can create a mass amount of destruction and freely roam around the game world. It seems Singularity is similar in that there is an experiment that allows this person to be quite powerful and with this power, chaos follows.

Head here to pre-order Singularity from Amazon now

Click on the image a few times to view the image full size. Easier to read the text.

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