Red Dead Redemption: First Impressions (In The Style Of Dr. Seuss)

Never before in this life have I seen,

this much hype in the gaming scene.

Expectation set high by the maker, Rockstar.

Video after video, each raising the bar.

The release date comes.

At midnight I get my guns.

Fired up I load the game,

and the West I will tame.

A train!  A train!  I arrive on a train!

John I am and I soon take the reins.

To the fort I must go, to meet my foe

from a life of crime that I left behind.

I try to talk sense but the gang just won’t see

so they shoot me! They shoot me!

Did I say they Shoot me?

Left there for dead, I would not survive,

but a kind lady passed by and kept me alive.

She helps me to heal and continue my quest.

She learns me to ride and to rope and the rest.

I COULD travel quick from place to place

but I prefer riding to slow down the pace.

To skip past the work that Rockstar put in

to this western sandbox would be a sin.

A Train! A Train!  I can ride on the train!

Or a stage coach, or wagon, or walk just the same.

Danger it lurks around everywhere.

Keep a sharp ear to hear what is there.

Strangers in need?  My advice you should heed.

Have your gun ready son, or you just might bleed.

I see hundreds of hours wandering this land.

The world is so real and the artwork so grand.

Cheating at poker, looking for treasure,

fighting the drunks off the ladies of pleasure,

bounties and bribes, taking of hides,

meeting strange people and giving them rides.

And the quests are there too for story progression.

Wander, don’t rush.  That’s my first suggestion.

Hunting for rabbits and cougar and deer,

there is no shortage of activities here.

A train!  A train!  Did I mention the train?

Really – I’m not kidding.  The game has a train!

Be sure to join the Rockstar Social Club online

It’s free and adds challenges and rewards that are fine.

Compare with your friends so see who pwned who

or find some new friends and join a posse or two.

There have been a few glitches but that’s to be expected.

They are mostly online and most have been corrected.

Rockstar did not let its gamers feel neglected

They want you to remember them

when Game of the Year is selected.

So, if you haven’t already given into temptation,

go buy it now, Rockstar’s RED DEAD REDEMPTION.

On a further note, not that I’m ready for DLCs,

but someone has to ask, where’s the Zombies?

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