Primal Wireless Headset Review (Xbox 360)

Review: Primal Wireless Headset
Released: May 6, 2010
Developer: Rude Gameware
MSRP: $99.95
Website: Rude Gameware

What we have here is a new headset from Rude Gameware and it is the Primal Wireless Headset for the Xbox 360 and we hooked it up and played around with this wireless Xbox 360 headset to see what it was capable of, but first here is a little more information about the headset as far as specs are concerned:

Speaker Unit: 40 mm Cobalt Magnet Driver
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Power Requirement: AC/DC adapter 12V DC (North American units come with 110V power supply, international orders will include 220V power supply for transmitter)
2 AAA batteries for headset
S/N Ratio: 42dB @ 1KHz

We are always looking for that headset that wont wake the whole family when we are playing with our fellow gamers at 3 in the morning and what more do we want after a 4 hour gaming session? We want comfort and ease of use.  Now let’s see if this headset delivered on any of these.

My first impression of this headset when opening up the box, was surprise the headset was very light in weight and built pretty solid.  That is always a good start, as I dug deeper into to the box it was all packaged nice and neat.  The first thing I grabbed for was the Instruction Manual and turned on my TV to get the process started of hooking up the headset so I could hear how they sounded.  Set up was easy as I had to find two rechargeable AAA batteries for the headset to power them up.  After I put the batteries in I began the rest of the set up.  I connected the audio out jack with the audio cord that was supplied and attached it to the back of the transmitter. But I had to stop there as it appeared that the transmitter needed 2 AAA rechargeable batteries.  Upon further inspection it did not need batteries that was a recharge dock for 2 AAA batteries, so the transmitter had a duel purpose and that is convenient in itself.  After I plugged the AC/DC adapter from a wall socket to the transmitter I was ready to go.  But to my surprise after turning the headset on was it did not work.  So I began to look at the set-up and found my rechargeable batteries where dead.  So I used the base of the transmitter to charge my batteries(this feature became useful already).  Now I was ready to see what this headset had, but I was wondering where was the mic.  Well tucked in a little bag was the Primal Mic that attached directly to my 360 controller.  So onto how these sounded.

So how was the audio.  It was great not that it compared to your Surround system, but the quality was there.  Even with the wireless infrared I moved away from my TV more than the suggested 25 feet and the sound was still crisp.  I could here every footstep  John Marston made and it sound like it was coming from a different direction each time he moved.  The light weight design and the ear cups made it feel that I didn’t even have a headset on it was that comfortable.  So did the mic work that just simply plugged into the Xbox 360 controller.  Yes it did.  I was skeptical at first if it would work being so far away from where the usual mic would be positioned next to your mouth.  The people I talked to over Xbox Live did not have any complaints about the quality of the sound nor did the people in the house as I didn’t have to speak loud for my voice to be transmitted.

A couple of things I would have liked to seen with this products is a complete set of instructions for those that may be not tech savvy.  The instructions where brief and really gave no direction for the novice to hook these up to your TV.  The other thing I would have liked to see was a place to store the  mic as it is small and could be misplaced easily or even stepped on in a messy teenagers room.  The mic can be replaced or bought separate but for $29.95 to a buy replacement it would be costly, so be careful where you store the mic.  Besides that I found no negatives in the craftsman ship or quality of the product.  One more thing I would like to see a PS3 version as this one only works for you 360, but it will work as a wireless headset for you TV.

My Final Say: This headset has a lot of great qualities going for it and for the price tag of $99.95 it is a great value.  I know there maybe better headsets out there and this might not be a name you are familiar with, but if you are in the market for a new headset you will be pleasantly surprised with the quality.  I have used more expensive headsets and they are great but they can run you in the upwards of $200, so for the half price you can get a quality headset and still have some coin left over to buy yourself a game and with the ease of use this headset will be a staple in your marathon gaming sessions for a long time.

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  • Ben Lehman(wargamer17)

    So are these only useable on the xbox 360 or can they be used on the PC as well?

  • They only hook up to your TV so you can use them for watching TV playing PS3 (no Mic), but no PC

  • I stand corrected I just plugged the transmitter into my laptop and the headset works but once again no mic capabilities

  • Ben Lehman(wargamer17)

    Ah ok, that’s good to know.

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  • Bob

    Is the mic mutable or do you have to pull it out just to achieve the same effect?

  • lori

    I can still hear my tv and also hear through the headphones. What am I doing wrong?