Platform Nation E3 Predictions: Week Three

Each week in the run up to E3, one of the lovely writers on this blissful site will take it in turns to post their predictions on what could occur on June 15/16/17.

This week I’m going to add on to this great series on the website. I don’t know how mine will compare to Nathan’s or Mark’s, since I will have a completely different set of predictions, because of my mostly Nintendo background in games. You won’t see many Nintendo jokes on this end. Sorry
This E3 will follow up last year’s 2009 conference, arguably one of the most successful E3 conventions ever. With Microsoft’s announcement of Project Natal, Sony’s announcement of their motion controller (now known as Move), and Nintendo’s announcements of new Mario, Metroid, and Zelda games. All these were announced to be released for the then-coming year of 2010. Enter today’s world. We are in 2010. This year, all these impossibilities will be realities. This conference is each company’s chance to show the world why they should care about their work. Last year was the talking. This year is the doing. Behold, my predictions for what I think this year’s E3 will hold.


1. Nintendo Goes into Details with 3DS, Shows Device in Action.

Okay, true, this prediction has for the most part been confirmed by Nintendo, but it is still unclear just how much Nintendo will show. Several times in the past, Nintendo has made announcements regarding hardware, and left the subject open without any demos whatsoever. My prediction is that it will go into specific details regarding the detail, reveal the design, show off some games, its price, its release date, and even show the device working its Nintendo magic (which will be kind of hard to display on G4). I predict that Nintendo will be extra-nice with this announcement, and announce basically everything about the device.

Likelihood: 7/10 (release date, pricing, and actual device bring the probability down.)

2. New Star Fox Game Announced

Everyone who’s been a Nintendo fan for at least 10 years holds a special place in their heart for Star Fox, whether it’s the wonderful fun of flying around and shooting spaceships (in 3D!!!) or the thrill of hearing Peppy yell at you to “Do a barrel roll!” Recently, Miyamoto has made remarks about wanting to do a new Star Fox game. Now that Mario Galaxy 2 is out, Metroid: Other M is almost finished and the new Zelda game will be out soon too, Nintendo will probably have some time on their hands to work on other titles. It’s been 13 years since the last real console Star Fox game. When New Super Mario Bros. Wii arrived in 2009, it was the first 2D Mario game for a home console in 18 years. There have, of course, been all the other 3D Mario games and spinoffs in that period, but Star Fox hasn’t received much except for somewhat poorly received spinoff games. Now, the time is ripe for a new Star Fox. Star Fox is not a dead franchise, and it could very well be returning very soon.
Likelihood: 3/10 (somewhat out of the blue, and not really that demanded by many except for few hardcore fans)

3. Pikmin 3 Announced (Again), Gameplay and Details Shown

Much like Star Fox, Pikmin is a franchise that has taken a break for a while, yet still has its group of hardcore fans. However, unlike Star Fox, Pikmin 3 has actually already been confirmed by Shigeru Miyamoto, the president of Nintendo’s software division, at an E3 2008 roundtable. While no information was given in 2009’s conference, Miyamoto once again said that year that it was still in production, and was not able to be shown because of the many announcements Nintendo had that year. This fact makes it more than likely that Pikmin 3 can receive more details, footage, and all the regular game announcement stuff at this E3 conference.
Likelihood: 9/10 (Still possibility of other announcements overshadowing it.)

Okay, sure, I’m a Nintendo fanboy, so it should come as no surprise that I mainly focused on Nintendo announcements. Still, I do enjoy some stuff on other consoles, so for the others’ sake, I’ll cover some Microsoft and Sony announcements quickly.


1. Mass Effect 3 Announced
Likelihood: 6/10

2. Halo: Reach Release Date Announced.
Likelihood: 10/10 (Obvious fact is obvious.)

3. New Xbox 360 Capabilities Announced for Compatibility with Windows 7
Likelihood: 8/10


1. New Uncharted Announced
Likelihood: 7/10

2. Evolution of Home Announced, More Xbox Live-like
Likelihood: 7/10

3. LittleBigPlanet 2 Confirmed for PSP
Likelihood: 2/10

Hope you all enjoyed my E3 predictions. Looks like this will be a very interesting conference this year, and I’m excited to see what all 3 major companies will bring to the table. Stay tuned.
I’m excited to see what all of you have to say about my predictions, and if you agree/disagree with anything I said. I really appreciate any feedback at all that you give. Thanks for reading!
(Next week: Rane Pollock )

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