Capcom Spring Blowout Sale Kicks Off

Is it still spring? I thought May counted as Summer.

In either case, Capcom has kicked off their Spring Blowout Sale, knocking 20, 30, or 50% off of many of their items. Everything from messenger bags to video games, press kits to controllers, are part of the deal. Additionally, not everything in the linked page is all that’s on sale; if you find some great deal hidden in the site, let us know.

Some of the items on sale are stuff that there are better versions out now anyway, such as Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter IV. Even then, the Gold Edition of RE5 is part of the sale. I’d pick up Apollo Justice and the Puzzle Fighter messenger bag if I had the disposable cash. The Tricell Progenitor Virus Kit would be a nice conversation piece, to be sure.

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