Character Of The Week – Tomba

Whoopee Camp Co. Ltd. brought us what in my opinion one of the better characters for the Playstation game systems generation. (Sorry Crash Bandicoot) Our Character Of The Week has the ability plus the style to get on the list while also being etched into fame. Fun loving with a great heart knowing how to do what is good and right in the eyes of evil.

Say hello to our “Character Of The Week”

Say Hello to Tomba

The game series comes to us from the great mind of Tokuro Fujiwara, who also created the Ghosts ‘n Goblins and Mega Man series. It was also one of the earliest Playstation games to take advantage of the Dual Shock feature. Tomba! was followed by a sequel titled Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. The imaginative atmosphere and innovative game play of Tomba! has continued to keep it nostalgically popular with gamers.

Tomba in all of his glory of video game graphic render epitomizes what COTW really is all about. One day just spending time enjoying the bright sunny weather the young pink haired hero is attacked by seven evil pigs. Tasked with retrieving the bracelet you first must quest throughout a world once beautiful that the pigs have now destroyed. On your travels Tomba will meet many strange characters that will later in the story help him to his goal. Tomba uses unconventional methods to attack some enemies as he jumps on the bad pigs, like Steve Irwin jumping on an unsuspecting Alligator.

Unfortunately our character of the week would meet an untimely fate he was struck down much too young. Whoopee camp was no more soon after the second game due to low demand from the game Tomba was doomed to a fate of auction sites. Tomba gained a cult like following though he jumped from the lame-light of another plat-former to the limelight with some big names. One series that if returned to the next gen systems would surely shine again if the right company picked it up.

Tomba will forever live in the hearts, minds and closets of those gamers lucky enough to enjoy the game. We will see you again someday Tomba whether it be on the Internet in our local pawn shop or at our next game collectors convention. Keep your eyes open you may just be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one of gaming’s great Character Of The Week candidates someday.

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  • John Smith

    touching. the game is truly an amazing one.