P*N Game Night Re-cap: Red Dead Redemption

So last night we here at P*N held a game night for Red Dead Redemption. We had a fair amount of showing and had a blast roaming around the wild west! We tried some online game modes but had some terrible lag issues so we opted to do some free roam instead. So we galloped on and did some gang hideout missions as a posse and showed them gangs who was boss; The P*N Community! Eventually we moved to hunting; Rabbits, Wolves & then Bears. We spent a huge amount time hunting bears as P*N’s very own Steve519 was trying to get the challenge for killing 3 bears with his knife, but in the end the bears just mauled him! There was A LOT of shooting of peoples horses, and all I can say is I had my fair share of both.

We had 3 XBLA games to give out and thus we had 3 winners. Sorry we didn’t have any PSN codes to give out but you can rest assure next time we will try our best to show some for the PS3 gamers. You can find out who won and who turned up to play on Xbox 360 & PS3 below.

Xbox 360 Side:

Boss Kamikaze – Host
mensadad – KrissX XBLA Winner
FrehleyzComet – Fret Nice XBLA Winner
Wuzitz – Perfect Dark XBLA Winner

PS3 Side:

WindNinjaDW – Host

We will start giving away more codes for both XBLA & PSN games during Game Nights, so if there is any favourites you have but don’t yet own, let me know in a comment below and I can try and get hold of some swag to giveaway. That said make sure you swing by on our forums and vote for what you game want to play on the next P*N Game Night (Vote Here!). Also while your here why not check out the review for Red Dead Redemption on P*N.

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  • Mark Withers. (MarkWithers)

    its great to see the community coming together for these nights. Hopefully next time, I’ll be able to join in and be extra cannon fodder for everyone

  • Dorian Whittley

    It was a little meager on my end, but still fun haha. 360 had a nice showing though. I appreciate having had the opportunity to host. It was alot of fun ^_^