A New Instrument For Rock Band 3

How many of you don’t have enough plastic instruments in your living room? Do you feel like you need something new to add to the guitars, drums, mic, and turntable? If you have the space, Rock Band 3 is going to provide the plastic.

Rock Band 3

Keyboards in Rock Band 3?

The above image comes courtesy of 1UP and the Green Day Rock Band demo that released on the marketplace this morning. In the picture you see the standard Rock Band icons, except of course the mic icon includes 3 mics, hinting at the vocal harmonies introduced in The Beatles Rock Band.

The new icon shows piano keys. This, of course, points to the inclusion of a piano or keyboard peripheral. So, what does this mean?

I think it means we’ll be seeing Elton John Rock Band sooner than later.

So, do you like the idea of having keyboards in Rock Band or is it plastic overload?

  • Even though I am completely over the whole Rock Band/Guitar Hero games, I think this is a pretty good idea. I really liked the inclusion of the drums when Rock Band came out because with enough play time, one could actually learn how to play drums, and I think this is a fantastic addition to help people learn how to play piano in a really fun way. Although that depends entirely on how they implement this new instrument, but if they actually use a realistic keyboard, and maybe even have a difficulty level where you’d have to read music instead of dots, then I think this has real potential to teach people how to play piano very well and is definitely a good inclusion for the Rock Band games.