More Killzone 3 Rumours

An announcement for Sony’s exclusive FPS franchise, Killzone 3, was finally confirmed a couple days ago through GamePro’s exclusive preview after several months of rumours, and the rumours still keep trickling through. GamePro revealed some juicy details such as jetpacks being thrown in the mix and Guerrilla Games’ and Naughty Dog’s alliance on the project, but these new found details could sweeten the deal as well.  It appears has received more information from a reliable source regarding the latest installment of the Killzone series.

According to the source, PlayStation Move will be applicable with Killzone 3, there will be vehicle gameplay for multiplayer, 8 classes in which are customizable via a new “Rewards System“, 2 player co-op, and a 4 player objective mode.  Also, tucked in with these juicy tidbits, the game is set to release May of next year so kicking some Helghan butt may be sooner than gamers think.  Platform Nation will keep you posted.

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