Shaun White Skating

Yes you read the title right Shaun White is leaving the cold white stuff for something a little more concrete. In his latest venture you will be trading a snowboard for a skateboard making a new path.

Skate or Die invented the skating game, Tony Hawk Perfected it (Minus ride, sorry if you liked it), Skate ramped it up to a whole new level. Now Shaun White wants to take a crack at the genre of skating games putting his own flare on it. Will we see another Tony Hawk clone or maybe a Skate rip-off with some new flair thrown in to get gamers to bite into another skating game? Only time will tell how the course plays out for this new title Shaun White’s Skateboarding has some big shoes to fill. Will we see the skateboarding games we knew and loved from the original Tony Hawk games be brought back to life or will we just see another deep discount bin filler?

When we started making the game, we knew we wanted to give players a sense of how skaters see the world – everything is an opportunity,” said Nick Harper, Creative Director. “What looks like a handrail to us is really a grind. A park bench is a place to trick, an alley is a quarter pipe, etc. We’ve taken that idea and expanded it. We wanted to put our own twist on the genre and craft the type of game that allows players to be creative and still have a lot of fun.”

One great feature that looks to set the game apart from other great skateboarding titles is making the city come to life. Each city you start in is a dark bleak grey lifeless area you skateboard each trick helps you bring the city back to color and life. Starting off players will have access to over 80 skate tricks hand-picked by Shaun White, including Shaun’s own ‘Armadillo’. Online play, including cooperative and adversarial modes will also be included, though details are sparse at this time. Shaun White Skateboarding is in development for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PC. Wii-specific details will be revealed at E3 next month.

Shaun Whites Skateboarding will also have something no other skating game has featured an on the fly map editor. With Shaun White the city truely is your playground rails not long enough extend them with a shape editor the same goes for ramos that are too high or low for your liking. Though it does look like this feature will be limited to certian areas of the map it could be something that changes the face of the skateboarding games scene.

Check out the debut trailer:

As always keep your eyes posted on Platform Nation as more news becomes availible.

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  • If I wanted to play Sim City, I’ll play Sim City. Plus I can’t stand Shaun White so maybe I’m just biased. I like the open city style of the SKATE series. SKATE 3 has the the park builder, which is enough for me. This game sounds like you have to build the city into a skateable city. I’ll quote myself sometime i’ve said for the past 25 years, “I JUST WANNA SKATE!”