Get The Crackdown 2 Demo Early

Orb hunting was a pretty crippling addiction in the original Crackdown. Now that Crackdown 2 is on the horizon, we’re all eagerly waiting to get our hands on the demo to help feed that addiction. As if reading our minds, Microsoft is giving us the chance to get the demo early while still feeding that need to find them all.

crackdown 2 orb

Orb Hunt

The first clue is located at the Amazon page for Crackdown 2 at the end of the video. You can use the Microsoft Tag Reader on your smart phone to read it. You will be taken to a page where you input your date of birth and your mobile phone number. After that, you will get a text asking if you want to receive clues to the next orb location.

crackdown orb hunt

Scan This With Your Tag Reader

A total of 5 orbs need to be found. Once you do that, you should be sent a code to download the demo. From what I have read, the codes are not going out just yet so you better get on the hunt, agent.

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