Red Dead Redemption Film Airing On Fox

A short film based in the Red Dead Redemption universe, made completely with the in-game engine, is going to air on Fox this Saturday during their midnight slot. The show’s run-time clocks in at 30 minutes and will follow John Marston, Red Dead Redemption’s Protagonist. It’s supposed to feature many characters and locations from the game, so there will be some service for the fans out there.

I personally haven’t had the time to spend on Red Dead Redemption (I’ve been playing Alan Wake, don’t kill me), but I’m interested to see this show. I don’t believe there have been many cases of Machinima work hitting television, excluding the World of Warcraft South Park episode, so this is some incredibly exciting news.

What do you guys think? Are you going to watch it? Also, is this opening the possibility of us seeing more Machinima-based work on Television, or even the big screen?


Trailer thanks to Rockstar PR

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  • Tank

    It’s being directed by John Hillcoat, the guy who made “The Road,” so it should be pretty awesome. First instance I’ve heard of where a film director makes Machinima.

  • Machinima is nothing less than the future of independent animated films. As computer systems get faster and more powerful and render time shrinks, this is where animation in general is headed. This goes way beyond video games and gaming engines also.

    • iGenious

      no matter how fast rendering gets, the definition and fps in traditional animation will always be better.

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  • iGenious

    We will only be seeing this from R*. It’s for publicity. Not for the fans.

  • Just to let you know… your website looks very strange in Mozilla on a Mac