Rumour: Team Ico Collection

Coming from our friends at TheSixthAxis, this could well be a possibility to hit in Q1 2010. There’s no real deets or juicy bits of information, but it’s from these good gals and guys that we hear both Shadow of the Colossus and Ico appearing on one blu-ray disc together. My prediction now is that we’ll see this announced at E3 or later in the year.

Speaking as someone who wrote a whole damn essay on why Shadow of the Colossus is the greatest game ever made, I am already hyped. I’ve played Shadow over fifty times (I wish that was a lie) and over the year it’s never got outdated. It’s a beautiful masterpiece combining both human emotion and the very edge of the videogame twilight. A HD remake, in my books, would welcome all the naysayers and non-believers to a world like no other.


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  • I would buy this. I never had a PS2 so I missed a lot of these games.

  • Shadow of the Colossus and Ico! *drool* Please let it be true!!! Im more excited for this collection then I was for the God of War collection! and thats saying something!!