Xbox Live Is Avatar Crazy This Week!

Yes you read that title correct. This week on Xbox Live has not one deal of the week, but seven and all of which are avatar related. So why not treat your Xbox live avatars and buy some games or props just for them. All these deals end on Monday the 31st and only available to Gold members, so be quick if you want to grab one or two. All the deals are below, and you can click on the name of whatever game or prop you want to buy, and then add it to your Xbox Live download queue.

Lazy Raiders – 400MSP (usually 800MSP)

Band of Bugs – 400MSP (usually 800MSP)

Madballs: Babo Invasion – 400MSP (usually 800MSP)

Avatar Wave Snowball Fight – 80MSP (usually 240MSP)

Snake Prop – 160MSP (usually 240MSP)

Pom Poms Prop – 80MSP (usually 160MSP)

Basketball Prop – 80MSP (usually 160MSP)

So have or will you be picking up any of these deals this week? Let us know.

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