PlayStation Home To Leave Beta This December

Having been in an open beta since December 11, 2008, PlayStation Home will finally be upgrading to a full-fledged release soon, or so says Kirk Ewing.

Ewing works for VEEMEE, a game company that works pretty much exclusively in the PlayStation Home world. Their flagship product could most easily be identified as the London Pub, which they claim as “the world’s first virtual London pub” (it features “comedy beer pumps”). They also operate with most of their monetary sustenance coming in through the virtual retail outlet The Original V-Store—which partners with companies like Billabong, Monty Python, and more—and through creating virtual spaces in Home for brands.

Sufficed to say, VEEMEE would know what they’re talking about when it comes to Home, so when one of their own (*cough*Ewing*cough*) lets slip that the virtual world will be leaving the beta testing phase this December, you tend to listen.

However, during his talk time at the Game in Scotland event this weekend, he also said “most people think that Home is shit. I’m here to say that it’s not.” Well, we’ll see about that. I mean, it’s been nearly two years and so far things have progressed much further than game launching and bubble machines. I’m not saying it’s not entertaining (that hamster vs. human dance-off was pretty sweet), but it’s novelty wears thin rather quickly. Maybe Ewing knows something I don’t, but Home just isn’t what I had been hoping for.

Maybe that’s just me, though, as Ewing also laid down some figures: “one in three PS3 owners use Home. There are 1.7 million repeat users each using Home for around 53 minutes on average.” Color me surprised.

Source from PlayTM via Kotaku.

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  • Alex

    That’s because with all the loading in it, it takes at least 30 minutes for you to get around all the new spaces and check out over-priced virtual merchandise.