Super Mario Galaxy 2 : The Best Game Ever?

If you consider yourself a gamer, you’ll have most likely heard some Super Mario Galaxy 2 praise over the last few days. Recent sequels by Nintendo such as New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Legend of Zelda : Spirit Tracks have been labelled as “lazy” and “uninspired” by critics, which naturally made me sceptical about Super Mario Galaxy 2’s reception. Back in 2007, the original Super Mario Galaxy received an incredible amount of love and companion, and quite rightly so; Super Mario Galaxy was a phenomenal game that was so imaginative, so brilliant, it couldn’t help but be adored by the fans. However, just as EDGE gave it a [10], I knew they’d be no need for concern and by the looks of these reviews, it may just be the best game ever created:

Edge Magazine : 10

“This isn’t a game that redefines the genre: this is one that rolls it up and locks it away.”

IGN : 10

“Consider me “wowed.” Again. Yes, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is more of what made the original so amazingly good: brilliant gravity platfoming. Incredibly tight and responsive controls. Fantastic musical score. But it’s not a “me too” experience — a significant majority of this sequel is brand new.”

GameTrailers : 97

“There is more creativity in some single stages in this game than in entire other games. It’s a bit familiar, but all the fat has been cut away to expose a pure gaming core. There’s something for just about everyone and games that we can truly recommend to almost everyone are rare.”

Destructoid : 10

“They poured in the same creativity and imagination that made me fall in love with games like Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World. To me it feels like they finally felt the freedom and comfort in 3D platforming to get back to that Nintendo magic that we all remember. The end result is a galaxy of surprise after surprise, all coming together in a game that tops even my past favorites, making this the best Mario game Nintendo has released.”

Nintendo Life : 10

“Every once in a while a video game comes along that’s just so spectacular that it ends up defining the very system it’s released on and raises the bar by which all other games in the series and genre will be judged. It’s safe to say that game has now arrived on the Wii console.”

games(TM) – 10

“No matter which side of the gaming coin you come from, this whole new universe of planets is the most inventive, exuberant and, yes, fun set of challenges and diversions yet seen in the platform game genre. It miraculously outclasses a game that many believed could not be bettered, and once again leaves us wondering just how close Nintendo’s bar has come to reaching its theoretical peak.”

GameSpot – 10

“Super Mario Galaxy 2 is simply an outstanding game. It never rests on its laurels for a second, constantly presenting new objectives and mechanics to push you to never before seen places. Even the two-player mode offers new abilities and delights, making it even more fun to play with a friend by your side. Everything is so well designed and so entertaining that it’s easy to get sucked into this world for hours. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is so phenomenal that it’s difficult to imagine where Mario could possibly go in the future. But that’s hardly your concern now. Mario proves that he is still the king of fun.”.

1UP – A

“If you loved the first Mario Galaxy, but you’re wary that this follow-up is a mere shade of its predecessor, than rest assured that this fan-service laden sequel feels just as new as the first Mario Galaxy. Everything from the sweeping orchestral score (which even includes new arrangements of classic tunes thrown in simply to tickle the nostalgia of long-time fans) to the ingenious layout of traps, puzzles and platforming speaks to a level of craftsmanship that only comes from years of refinement and reinvention. And if you’ve yet to try out Mario on the Wii (or only played New Super Mario Bros. Wii), than Galaxy 2 proves how good design can make even the seemingly complicated, gravity-defying acrobatics of Mario’s world feel completely effortless.”

…It pretty much goes on like that, I think it’s safe to say, without even playing it, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is one amazing game. Just today it topped Gamerankings’ highscore, Ocarina of Time, making it critically, the best game of all time. I didn’t think Nintendo could improve on Super Mario Galaxy, but obviously, they have. Proof that those old dogs at Nintendo, still know their tricks.

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  • Nathan Hardisty

    I want a Wii just for this.

    I wouldn’t say BEST GAME OF ALL TIME.

    • James Martin

      Uncharted 2 is still my greatest game of all time.

    • Matt

      Well, it surpassed Ocarina of Time in the Ratings. So it’s “technically” the Best Game Ever.

  • James Martin

    Just started playing it today, and there’s a lot of recycled stages from the first one.

    I was never too keen on Super Mario Galaxy- I found that it was grossly overrated. Too easy, bland story, but the levels were decent. If Galaxy 2 gets any harder than it currently is in the first world then it’ll be better- but I just can’t help but think that this game is still overrated.

    Sure, it’s a great game, but there’s just something missing from it. Super Mario Sunshine still remains, to me, the best Mario game for a long, long time.

    • Matt

      Well, we can see that you’re on opposite side of the game board. Sunshine received mostly negative reviews from the core Mario fans and most of the gaming community.

      • James Martin

        Lets not forget what a review is- an opinion. Why was Sunshine a bad game? Why is Galaxy a good game? Galaxy is too easy, and Galaxy 2 has just recycled its ideas so far.

        • Matt

          Untrue. Galaxy 2 is 20+ years of Mario games all summarized into one game. It’s like the climax of the Mario series. Sunshine was a good game, I just hated Bowser’s voice in that game. Worst ever. And yes, a review is an opinion, but when all reviews are unanimous, I say it becomes more than opinion.

    • James Slater

      Thanks for tempering my expectations! 🙂

  • I have a Wii and I don’t play it that much, maybe this will change that.

  • Truth

    Fan boys of new systems are feeling sick now. This is nintendo eat your heart out lol 🙂 thankyou mr. Shigeru Miyamoto.

  • zenaxe

    To be honest, Mario’s kind of tapped out for me, I’ve been playing Mario games since 1984 or so. It’s hard to feel hyped about a new Mario game, personally. They have a great history and always offer solid gameplay but it’s getting a bit long in the tooth.

    It’s kind of like Star Wars…. there’ve been so many tie-ins and it’s been so marketed and saturated and hyped but really when you sit down with it and play around there’s a LOT of repetition of past ideas.

  • sklrobit

    wouldnt say best, bet damn good. i have 55 stars so far and its super fun, much better than smg1 and i really enjoyed that game. One thing SMG2 has done that recent mario games such as super mario sunshine and smg1 have failed to do is stay true to the original super mario 64, sunshine was such a different atmosphere it hardly felt like mario; with very few familar characters and even changing the name of stars into shines. SMG2 has tons of super mario world music which makes me happy every time i hear it as well as all the classic mario friends and enemies we have come to love. This does not mean everything is just recyclyed, there are a lot of new things in SMG2 that have never been seen in the mario universe, however, unlike sunshine, these additions feel like a true fit into the mario legacy.

    if u have a wii get the damn game already! seriously, this is wat you have been waiting for!

  • Axe99

    I’m not sure I can trust game reviews of Super Mario Galaxy 2 after the reviews of Super Mario Galaxy. I picked up a Wii to play SMG, after most of the reputable gaming sites stated that it was quite clearly the best platformer ever, by some margin. The game I actually played, however, was a step down from the platforming in the PS2 Ratchet and Clank games. It was still fun, but the camera was a mess (at one point, pushing forward on the stick meant I kept running around in an endless circle – lol!) and the controls were questionable (the waggle attack was imprecise due to the imprecise nature of the waggle in the Wii controller – a button would have helped the game here immeasurably).

    From what I can tell, Mario games tend to get an extra 10-20% higher score on the strength of having Mario in it alone, because of the strong emotional connection many gaming journalists have with Mario. However, when you strip out the emotional baggage, and break it down by gameplay, SMG was an above-average platformer and a long way from best-in-class (although obviously it was best-in-class on the Wii).

    So when I hear “More of the same, but better and more varied” along with “best ever”, it leaves me of the view that it may not be the genre-dominator that it’s cracked out to be (at least for me, who doesn’t have the emotional attachment to the lil’ Italian plumber). I’m happy that it’ll bring pleasure to the Ninty fans out there, but it’s a little frustrating that Mario gets a bit of a free ride critically.

  • DIon


  • Matty J

    umm are you al retarded? The best game of all time is easily The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time! Galaxy 2 IMO is the 2nd best game ever just ahead of Majoras Mask and Kazooie but Ocarina wipes the floor with this game.

    • Matt

      Wrong, Ocarina of Time was surpassed by Galaxy 2 in the Official Ratings. So Galaxy 2 in “technically” the best game ever. Besides, Legend of Zelda blows. (opinion)

  • ali

    super mario galaxy 2 is by far the greatest game of all time.. from the graphics to the music to the character design to the level design to the spirit of the game u simply cannot beat it. It is a game that reminds you why video game has now become such a world wide phenomenon in the first place.. its a game that simply makes you HAPPY AND PUTS A BIG 🙂 ACROSS YOUR FACE

  • Matt

    Wrong, Ocarina of Time was surpassed by Galaxy 2 in the Official Ratings. Besides, Legend of Zelda blows. (opinion)

  • Saying Galaxy 2 is awesome because of the critics?

    Get ready for MASSIVE disappointment