Digital Cowboys: Episode 158

DC 158

We are joined this week by Karl Moon also known as Nokkonwud to discuss one of his most anticipated games of all time; Alan Wake. Five years in production, even longer in development, was it worth the wait?

Before that we briefly discuss Bioshock 2 and why, like Kill Bill Vol. 2 it’s superior to the first, and definitely an essential play for 2010.

Then commences a ninety minute dissection of Psychological Action Thriller Alan Wake. Find out who liked it, who loved it and who had a pile of issues with it.

There are light spoilers throughout so avoid if you want to remain totally in the dark. The tail end of the show is a heavy spoiler section where we discuss the end.

However you feel about the game, somebody is going to agree with you.

Many thanks to Karl for guesting this week. You can follow him on Twitter here.

And Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace can be found here.

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