MW2 Double XP Weekend Has Begun!

That’s right, jump onto MW2 now and you will see double XP rewarded for each throwing knife kill, explosion kill and of course assault rifle kill you earn. You may have seen that I posted a preview video of fourzerotwo detailing the next map pack for Modern Warfare 2 a couple of days ago and I mentioned another double XP weekend was on it’s way, so just as reminder I will let you guys know about again just because I love all the readers of P*N! It will last all this Memorial Weekend, and for the Europeans that is from the 28th – 31st. So much for the BBQ’s and family meet & greets this weekend, Modern Warfare 2 is the place to be. So any of you people going to be burning through another prestige level, or maybe do something else productive this weekend? Let us know.

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