Natal Price Tag Revealed

According to a source for, Natal (which will not be its final name) will have a price tag of $149 in the US.   Pricing outside the US will be determined by other factors, including exchange rates.  There will also be a hardware bundle with camera priced at $299.  ‘Not-Natal’ will be released some time in October or early November.

Microsoft will be investing heavily in marketing and educational advertising for No-Longer-Natal, and expects to sell “millions and millions” of units in the first year.  This tells me they have some tricks up their sleeve, so I’m curious to see what will be revealed in the coming months.

This opens the door for several discussions, not the least of which is: Is $149 too much?  This question can’t be answered now, no matter what people may or may not think about motion control.  Personally, I am not currently interested in this sort of device, but I can’t say if it will be worth it.  Just think about the technology behind this device; this is a full body motion capture device you can use at home.  This technology wasn’t even on the gaming industry’s radar five years ago, and it’s a reality today.  We’ve come a long way since the Power Glove, and I am curious to see how it all plays out.  Without software support and low lag, this may be doomed from the start, but until I see it in action, and see how companies utilize the technology NEXT YEAR (when most people are able to fully harness the advantages of new tech), I won’t know if $149 is worth it.

I just don’t think I will be shelling out my money right away.  Not unless I see something amazing coming out of E3 next month.

What do you think? Are you planning on getting Natal? Are you interested in the technology?  Is $149 too much? What do you think the new Natal name will be?

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  • bkm

    that’s far too much for a glorified eyetoy! 60-90 sounds about right.

  • Esko

    This is a rumored price not an official “revealed” price.

  • Yeah, it’s still rumored, but if they actually release it with a $150 price tag, I’m definitely not buying it. I’ll wait until the price drops below $100 first although it’s Microsoft, that could take forever. When they first sent out the “Remember the date” cards, Natal was rumored to be called Wave which was about a month or two before this recent rumor so Wave sounds plausible, but I prefer Natal.

  • Jam Doug

    $99.99 is the price I was expecting for Natal. I’ll wait to buy it anyway Amazon will definitely have price drop a month after it’s out.

  • I still think the Playstation Move will be a lot more successful because of the lower price and the physical controller in the hand. I mean look how well the Wii has done. Anyways whatever this new device is called, I’m still skeptical about how well “not-Natal” will actually work. Guess we’ll see by the end of this year!