New Screenies For Crasher Unveiled

Crasher logo

Remember Crasher? I hope so, because it’s looking to be one hell of a game!

Along with the new screenshots, I can announce that the game will be launching in December 2010, in time for the holiday period. The game will be PC exclusive and only available as a digital download, so here’s hoping we’ll be seeing it on Steam.

It will feature single and multiplayer modes, and is being described by Punchers’ Impact as a “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)“. Also included will be deep customisation options, allowing you to modify your vehicle as much as you want to. Extra features to use on your car can be unlocked in the single and multiplayer sections of the game.

As well crushing and killing your friends to pieces, you’ll also be able to work with them in unique team based game modes and arena challenges. Of course, you’ll be able to play online with random people too and admire their amazing creations.

I’m sure will see more announcements in the coming months, but I know one thing already- this is on my to buy list!

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