A Platform Nation Public Service Announcement

Just a quick P.S.A. from Platform Nation.  As we are aware a long weekend is upon us and we still want to keep up to date with what is going on with our favorite gaming website Platform Nation.  So what do you do if you wont be around your PC or laptop?  Well first let me suggest you go and download Platform Nation’s mobile app for the iPhone/iPod Touch and let’s not forget it is  also available over at the Android Store.  Not only can you keep up to date with some of the fine writings brought to you by the writing staff of Platform Nation, but you will have at your finger tips the access to listen to the fine podcasts here at Platform Nation.  What’s that you say, you know almost all of P*N’s writing staff and you are a regular visitor of the site, but you never listen to the podcasts.  Well what are you waiting for stop reading this and click on a podcast that I have listed below and give the podcast a listen.  Leave some comments for the podcasts and to the faithful listeners of the podcasts and readers of Platform Nation we appreciate your feedback, and don’t forget each one of these fine podcasts have their own website and you can access them at the right of this P.S.A.

After you have listened to all the podcasts do yourself a favor this weekend and make some new friends over at P*N’s forums, the forums are filled with a lot of topics interesting to the gamer in you and don’t forget to check back often as P*N’s Game Night’s are back in full swing thanks to P*N’s new Community Manager Andrew Hunt.   Yes Platform Nation has all this wrapped into one fine website.  So even if you feel the urge to run to your local videogame retail store and see what bargains you can score, you can stay right here with your friends and shop at the P*N Store as the deals are endless and there is something for everyone there.

One more thing before you fire up the BBQ you may be looking for other ways to show that P*N is your favorite gaming site.  Well P*N has that right here, all you have to do is follow this link and you will be able to sport a new shirt or even coffee mug.  Take a look at the prices and for a couple more dollars than you would spend on your avatar for some new gear you can buy yourself a shirt or hoodie and show your P*N pride.

I hope this brief tour has given you some new insight on what P*N has to offer, and don’t forget leave some comments for the writers and let them know your views and thoughts.  The men and women of Platform Nation work hard everyday to keep us informed of the latest news and write some of the best editorials and reviews compared to any site out there.

We are a Nation and with out all of this and the fine community we wouldn’t have the best damn site out there known as Platform Nation!

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  • All the details everyone needs into one fine post, thanks Scott. Now I need to buy me one of those P*N shirts!

  • I already have the PN t-shirt. Waiting on new designs please *hint* scott *hint*

    Srsly, any new designs would be welcome.

  • Chris Forbis (mensadad)

    Very well done Scott! I’ve got to find more time to listen to the podcasts. There’s just so much content on P*N – I can’t keep up. 🙂

  • I love the P*N hoodies! Too bad it’s too hot to wear them right now, I guess my P*N shirt will have to do =)