Alan Wake: My Impressions

Alan Wake is a very interesting game- it promised to be highly original and different from the average video game that gets shoves out these days. I can definitely say that it does succeed these statements, but there are some other niggles in it.

Firstly, the combat. For the most part it is well constructed, except from the fact that there is no melee option which is highly irritating. There’s nothing worse than being surrounded by Taken, have no ammo left and trapped in front of a tree. The biggest Alan Wake- Waiting for the liftproblem, however, is you do the same thing over and over again- light, shoot, reload. Light, shoot, reload. There’s just not enough variation at all.

Also, the camera feels too loose; I would have liked it a bit tighter, and more uses of light other than defeating the darkness and finding hidden messages on the walls. Additionally, dodging attacks can get very annoying when it makes you dive into a tree or a rockface.

Now, the story of the game was supposed to be the highlight on the entire game- as I said previously, Remedy was aiming for a highly original game. However, the amount of holes that have been left in is just terrible. Sure, DLC has already been promised, but is that really what happens with game nowadays? A game is made with a rickety storyline, so we have to wait for DLC to fix it? That’s not the way I remember it.
In the game, you’ll encounter 3 types on enemies- people, objects (like tractors) and birds. I do feel that it’s a real shame that there’s no expansion of this- why not trees, animals, or other random things? Again, it adds to the repetitiveness of this game.
Alan Wake- Driving into a strange, dark place.Another major problem I have found is that the game feels too linear- I wish there was a free roam element somewhere, even when you’ve finished the game or something. You’ve got to be a certain place at a certain time, and all I want to do sometimes is walk around the streets of Bright Falls.

You might think now that I hate this game, and if you do, then you’re wrong. I did thoroughly enjoy it, it’s just it has a lot of small issues that makes it feel as though it’s been rushed, slightly.  I look forward to what the DLC brings; hopefully it’ll fix the story!

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