Dr. Mazing Review (Indie)

Game Review: Dr. Mazing
Release: May 21st, 2010
Genre: Fighting
Developer: DarrionCSUSB
Price: 240MSP
Platforms: Xbox 360
Players: 1-2
Game Rating: Unrated

Dr. Mazing is a 2D side scrolling game of sorts and its basic art style is testament to that. In the game you play as Dr. Mazing (no surprises there), battling you way through ‘ruthless robots’ which appear to be the most common enemy in the game with the occasional alien scattered throughout the various missions. The indie game consists of 10 levels, which can be played both cooperatively (locally) or on your own.

The aim of each level is to fight your way through every enemy punching and generally beating up mechanised bots, spherical robots plus with the humanoids bots having several different variations to boot including grenade throwing types and some occupying vehicles. After this you then go on to fight a boss before finishing the level and you are then rewarded points for doing so. Most of the enemies that you encounter during the game are reasonably well balanced and none of them really seem to make the experience unenjoyable in anyway however, I do feel that the levels can be a little repetitive at times and may bore some players. When playing the game I noticed that the enemies are able to damage one another which I thought was pretty interesting and most times I didn’t really have to move much in order to cause a lot of damage. The boss fights can be a bit of a pain at times, even on the easiest difficulty, of which there are three (difficulties not bosses). The boss fights can be made a lot easier if you collect save and use the plasmas rifles and grenades solely on the bosses and by the sixth or seventh boss battle you really need the added fire power.

The visual art style of the game isn’t anything to really shout about and is comparable to many flash games currently playable on the Internet, further more I don’t really feel that the graphics and styling work in this games favour. The story of the game is told through image slides which are shown at the end of each level and move the story along in a quick informative fashion. The graphics are very simple and so are the controls and the Doctor perform basic fighting moves that consist of punching, kicking and jumping kicking. That’s the all there is in terms of button combinations and fighting styles.

My favourite aspect of the game was the ability to play co-op mode even though it was local play only but co-op across Xbox Live would have been a nice feature for the game. The art style was a little lack-luster in my honest opinion and although its not annoying in any fashion, I feel that with a little more detail added to the level backgrounds and improved character models would be benefit the game greatly.

Conclusion: I recommend that any gamers considering to buy this game to first download and play the demo before you purchase the full game. You could do a lot worse than to buy this at 240 Microsoft Points as most avatar costumes cost more than this.

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