Gretzky is back in the NHL!!!

Gretzky fakeWell, he is back in a EA Sports NHL series as a cover athlete and in game player.  This time it is for the a new Wii game called NHL Slapshot.  So you may be asking yourself, is this going to be another one of those Wii games that are just a gimmick.  I don’t think so.  I think it will it will end up being a great party game.  It really reminds me of Wii Sports and why that game was fun.  You play the game by using actual hockey movements with an original peripheral made by EA.  An interesting note is it’s the only third party peripheral endorsed by Nintendo. So how does it work?  What you do is put your controllers into a miniature hockey stick.  What this does is triangulate the signals to send an extremely accurate signal back to the Wii.  With this setup you are able to take slap shots, wrist shots, check (by making a cross check motion), poke check, and deke.  They all work with relatively good accuracy and make for a great interactive experience.  Another of the most interesting aspects of the game is you can start as a little kid around the age of 12 and play them all they way through their hockey career to the age of 40.  As a kid you can create your own player or choose an already established star such as Ovechkin, Luongo, and even Gretzky.

Courtesy of the Toronto Sun

Courtesy of the Toronto Sun

When the developers introduced this game to us on the first day of the our Vancouver trip they were so excited about it. What really tells me that this is going to be a good game was the developers attitude towards the Wii.  They realized that a lot of things done on the Wii are gimmicky and that most people have a Wii just for Wii Sports. What the development team did see with the Wii was a potential to make a really cool hockey game.  So they set out to make the best game they could.  With the resources that EA has they were able to spend the time and money it needed to make actually accomplish that goal. Also with some of the developers from NHL10 and they currently unreleased NHL11 working on the project how could it not be good.

Gretzky family

Courtesy of the Toronto Sun (The Wii is really fun to play when its not plugged in)

At first I was pretty skeptical about the game (because it’s a Wii game). Though after hearing a little more about the game it looks look it is going to be a really cool. What I can tell you is it will be released on September 7th along side NHL11 for PS3/360 and I will be buying this game on launch day and having a Slapshot party.  If you want a more in depth look at this game check out the Toronto Sun’s Article EA hockey comes to Wii with NHL Slapshot.

Patty Marleau

Courtesy of the Toronto Sun (a little Patty Marleau)

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