The Impossible Game Review (iPhone)

Game Review: The Impossible Game
Release: April 20, 2010
Genre: Platform
Developer: FlukeDude
Available Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch, XBL
Players: 1
MSRP: 0.99
ESRB Rating: 4+

The Impossible Game first appeared on the X Box Live service under the same name before launching into the pockets of many. While it may not offer a whole lot of variety and appeal, keep on reading to find out why FlukeDude’s game is among one of my favorites in the App Store.

The game is simple: you’re a square that is constantly moving forward (to the right of the screen) and in fact there is only one thing you can do; jump. By tapping anywhere on your device, the square will hop upwards. This comes in handy when you’re approaching a pit or some spikes. The entire game is made up of basically two geometric shapes. Triangles (spikes) and squares (you, and platforms/bridges).

The goal of the game is to simply get to the end of the level without making a single mistake. One bad jump and you will find yourself at the very beginning but willingly trying again, and again until you get it right. There is a practice mode that calms the music down and allows you to place flags that serve as checkpoints to allow you to start from anywhere you place one, but it doesn’t count as a true finish if you use even 1 flag. Should you finish the cleverly designed level, you’re rewarded by feeling awesome, and unlocking the original XBL level. But after that, you’re done.

This could all come across sounding very plain and boring but it somehow isn’t. While the visuals aren’t detailed or varied, they offer a simplistic charm to them which fits right into the simple nature of the game itself. What really stole the show for me however was the music. It at times seems to help you out by timing certain beats with your jumps but can act as an enemy by building up to an intensity that could make your nerves tense up and cause you to fail. Sometimes what kept me coming back for more was just to see where the music would evolve to by the end.

To be completely honest this was one of the purest, and most addicting videogame experiences I’ve had in awhile and quite possibly of all time. I was hooked from my first attempt all the way to my 1111th attempt in which I finally finished the one and only level. It was one of the best accomplishments in gaming for me. It sits proudly with others, like unlocking every cheat in GoldenEye. While my fill of the game is satisfied, I could see the lack of content turning people off who find the difficulty and the whole point of the game to be maddening. It definitely has a certain crowd that it will appeal to, and others will miss it completely and probably delete it after a few tries. But for me, I was hooked. If the game sprouts an update or sequels, maybe some flashy background effects might be cool, but they might be distracting and increase the difficulty even more.

Really, this game is just fine how it is and a perfect fit for the App Store and any of the three touch devices you may have. It’s the definition of addicting, it requires skill, and while you spend most of your time losing; a true mark of a great game has you coming back for more, which this game does. Go try it out, (free lite version) and if it’s your thing, you”ll be hooked.

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