3D Content Comes To PS3 On June 10th

Sony will be releasing patches for PSN titles, WipEout HD, Super Stardust HD, and PAIN, that will enable a 3D mode. The patch is due for June 10th in Japan, there is currently no word on the European and North American Releases. Every one of these patches are free except for PAIN, you will have you pay for the update (300 Yen in Japan). The update for PAIN is not just for the 3D enabled mode, though, it also includes two new game types: Alien Toss and Ice Breaker.

Sony Japan is also pushing the 3D front with their new Bravia Television sets. People who purchase these TV sets will get all the 3D enabled PSN titles for free, alongside a 3D demo for Motorstorm 2.

I’m not sure when these patches will come to NA and EU. Apparently, we may hear more word on this by tomorrow. Either way, it seems like everyone is jumping on the 3D band-wagon nowadays. Whether that will be a good thing or bad will still have to be determined. Right now, I can’t see 3D being anything but a gimmick. Sure, I see the potential, and, much like motion controls, 3D can probably be used in ways that benefit the player, but that’s only in special cases. I just can’t see 3D becoming the standard, it’s a nice feature but it’s definitely not essential.

How do you guy’s feel about the new 3D movement? Hate it? Love it? Leave a comment below.

(Source CVG via Andriasang)

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  • I’m not really sure what to think of in terms of 3D. I mean, originally with Blu-ray I thought well sure it’s better quality but I prefer watching DVD’s (this was from brief viewings). Then I bought a PS3 and actually started to watch Blu-Ray movies and thought it was amazing.

    Now with 3D. I haven’t had the opportunity to watch 3D movies in theatres, but I did get a chance to check out COD: WaW on a 3D monitor and thought wow, this is cool but I’ll only use it sometimes and only single player.

    So with that said, I like 3D, I welcome it to the market and look forward to it but I want there to always be that option to switch back to regular high definition as I currently find it the best way to play games.

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