Arkham Asylum 2 To Be Hamill’s Last Laugh

Mark Hamill, known best to the non-nerd population of the world as Luke Skywalker, has had a notable career since then. He’s done voice acting for around two decades now, and there’s one role he’s played more than anyone else. Since the inception of Batman: The Animated Series in the early 90’s, Hamill has been the near-default voice of The Joker. Sure, others have voiced the character in differing cartoons, and Heath Ledger took the role to different heights for The Dark Knight, but for many, Hamill’s Joker is iconic to the character.

He returned to the role for 2008’s Batman: Arkham Asylum, due to the inclusion of writer Paul Dini and Kevin Conroy returning to voice Batman, according to IGN. When the subject of the upcoming sequel was broached, Hamill offered

“This will be my last, there’s no question about that. But it’s the last hurrah.”

With the teaser for the game featuring an ill Joker looking worse for wear, common beliefs is that the Joker may die during the game.

As a major fan of the DC animated works, Mark Hamill’s joker is the iconic voice. Sure, Cesar Romero might have pulled off the clown perfectly, and Ledger may have done the subtle insanity to a T, but Hamill supplied the character an all-around iconic voice. It doesn’t hurt that B:TAS is easily one of the greatest animated series of all times, and lead to an animated universe that I consider one of the greatest ongoing stories ever to hit TV. Hamill’s Joker will be missed, but he will have the last laugh. Now, if Kevin Conroy ever retires his Batman…

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  • Nick Carefoot

    Any chance the joker might OD? Would be an epic tribute.

  • bc

    Kevin Conroy IS the goddam Batman.