Black and White Get a Release Date

Since it’s introduction back in ’98, the Pokémon series has never really lost steam. It wasn’t all that long ago that fans of the series were treated to the HeartGold and SoulSilver versions, and now Nintendo has announced the release for the next duo. Pokémon Black and White are scheduled — I’ll say “tentatively” since games have a habit of missing their releases — for a Spring 2011 release.

On top of the release date — although “release window” is nearer the mark — Nintendo also announced the two Legendary Pokémon that will be found in the games. Reshiram can be found in Black, while Zerkom is available in White.

Reshiram (available in Black)

Zerkom (available in White)

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  • Imoru Imiti

    I’m so getting this game. It’s obvious that there’s going to be a third instalment maybe Pokemon Grey?

  • blueketchup

    I think I might just wait for the third instaliment of the series this time. Nintendo already tricked me into buying all the games in generations 3 and 4 and if I can help myself I`d like to save the money.

  • Big daddy

    It’s not that much money….

  • blueketchup

    Dude its like 50 bucks each now for the same adventure, just different legendarys. It would be smarter to wait for the third instalment BUT after reading about them, my iner pokemon trainer is beating down my brain and screaming “buy them now!!!” So fuck it im pre-ordering them when the hit North America 😀

  • blueketchup

    BTW zerkom looks way cooler XD


    I can’t wait ’til it comes out! I might order the japanese version because it’s so awesome looking! blueketchup:It’s not 50 bucks for a DS game in the US. It’s only 35 unless you buy the guide with it that’s 20 bucks. Who cares if it’s expensive, it’s not like the economy is bad…

  • Dudes! Sounds So Dope, it is a little expensive but so I’ll buy both xD Cant wait. one more year tho ughhh >.<

    Reshirom is cooler(:


    • Whatthefuck

      I can’t wait zerkom is way better why would I get a pokemon with hands on it’s wings

  • Reshiram***

    My baddd

  • blueketchup

    FLUDD: I geuss your right I got it mixed up wth hg and ss which came with the pokewalkers. They were $50 each

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