Support P*N! ModNation Style!

The ModNation Championship is upon us now, and if you haven’t joined in the race then what are you waiting for?  If you are one of the many fans around the world taking part in the fun, show your support to Platform Nation by downloading the Official Platform Nation Kart. Just drive on over to the Share Station and search for  You will see the Official Kart and a few extras as well.  Don’t forget to support by downloading the Official Mr. Lucha Mod as well!  Perfect for laying the smack down on the race track in style.

Check out the Gallery below to see the Kart and Racer in action, as well as how Mrs. Lucha sees me.  Enjoy!

  • That is pretty effing sweet!

  • Yeah, that is pretty darn cool! Now I need to buy the game. Enjoyed the demo at least.

  • Haha that’s awesome, yeah I created a P*N kart on the demo and imported it in, so you may see mine on there as well. I’m going to go dl this one right now though! This game is so much fun!

  • Mrs. Lucha

    Neat my Mr Lucha Kart and Mod are up here too! As always babe great job! And hey, I think my Mr Lucha Mod is pretty B.A. just like you darlin’ 🙂

  • That is friggen awesome! 🙂 I can’t wait to get the game!