Why Didn’t I Play This Before?: Peggle

While it may not be right now, there was something on the Metacritic PS3 board that had been bugging me for quite some time. Peggle. Metascore : 93. How? It just simply blew my mind how such a small, quirky game made its way up the quality mountain quicker than the likes of Kratos and Ezio. It was crazy. I could only assume that critics went into some kind of epileptic seizure while playing it, in which they were under the impression that Peggle is God-like. Truth is though, I was the one that was crazy, and now I’ve seen the light. This isn’t some epileptic seizure talking after watching Japanese TV, I honestly now think Peggle, is God-like. The thing that bugs me now is; why did I take so long to play it?

Well, here’s the story. It’s about how my life got flipped-turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute. Just sit right there and heggle. ‘I’ll tell you how I became a lover of Peggle. ‘In on the Playstation where I had been born and raised. On the Playstation store, where I spent most of my days. Searchin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool. Avoiding the work set by my school. When I saw a demo of that game, which was meant to be pretty good. I screamed with glee and disturbed my neighbourhood. My Mom heard it and she got scared. Then she said ‘Stop quoting the Fresh Prince of Bel Air!’

And if you’re wondering how I managed to include The Fresh Prince of Bel Air song within an article about Peggle or if the word heggle actually exists, your guess is as good as mine. Although this does address one thing about Peggle, it has an ingenious use of musical score. Right off the bat you’ll hear familiar songs that compliment the game’s excellent sense of charm, which genuinely surprised me playing the demo for the first time.

Regardless its gameplay, Peggle’s witty sense of humour and loveable appeal was enough to hook me in. It was only till I got the gist of the mechanics I was beginning to be lured in. While most groundbreaking games dwell on complexity and depth, Peggle is as simple as a game can be; its basic aim is to hit all of the red bricks within a structure of compiled of several other bricks, more or less. However, due to how elegantly designed, balanced and enjoyable it is, I couldn’t help but feel captivated and engrossed in it. As soon as I finished the PS3 demo, I almost instantly went on the Playstation Store to see how much it was, and in a similar fashion, I saw how much they were asking for it and then bought it for a fraction of that price from the App store. Now, there’s no need for any of the other games on my iPod Touch, I’ve spent vast amounts of free time playing what it has to offer, and it’s on the rise. You might say I’m overrating it slightly, but I’d reply that it’s hard not to overrate such a marvellous game you can play at your fingertips. Until Super Mario Galaxy 2 is released in Europe, Peggle is the latest thing that consumes my life. And if your like how I was and had never played Peggle, I’d recommend fixing that.

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