DC Universe Online Accepting League Membership This November

Or Teen Titans membership, if you’re not an adult.

IGN has finally gotten confirmation on when Sony and DC’s DC Universe Online will open up the world of New Earth to players. This November, the cross-platform title will release on the PlayStation 3 and Windows computers. The game, reportedly set in current continuity (and will have an ongoing comic tie-in), allows players to make their own hero, train and fight with actual DC heroes, and take part in battles against DC mainstays.

A few inconsistencies with timeline placement show up the more we look into the title. Dick Grayson is Nightwing and Tim Drake is Robin in the title. Current comic fans like myself should know that Dick has taken on the mantle of Batman, while Tim has grown into Red Robin. Still, these are the iconic roles they’ve had in recent years, and with The Return Of Bruce Wayne currently releasing, the characters could easily be back in these roles by November.

As a former player of World Of Warcraft and City Of Heroes, I definitely preferred the latter, if only for the comic book stylings. I can easily get more into spandex and Crisises than Spells and Chainmail. As I tend to prefer DC over Marvel, this title definitely looks interesting. Now, if I can take up the role of a Green Lantern, I’d be all set. With new Co-Publisher of DC Comics, Jim Lee, taking a heavy role in the game, I have hopes.

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