E3 2009 Report Card 12 Months Later, How Did Microsoft Do?

Every year we see and hear about the great things that are planned for gamers globally but do we ever stop for just a few minutes and look back to see how many of these promises were fulfilled?  Well this week at Platform Nation we will be taking a look back at the three main players, starting with Microsoft to judge them 12 months later.

Before reading on, just how much can you actually remember about the Microsoft conference last year?

You see, that was hard wasn’t it, so you can see why the gaming giants don’t want you to look back to see where they failed to deliver.

Let’s work through the conference in order of the announcements.

The Beatles Rock Band.

Claims: Release date 9th September with Xbox exclusive song, All You Need Is Love to be released shortly after release.

Verdict: The game hit the release date but All You Need Is Love was simply a timed exclusive as it came out on the PlayStation3 and Wii a couple of months after the Xbox 360 version.

Tony Hawks Ride

Claims: Tony himself was on stage selling the idea that the latest game would “allow players of all skill levels to battle for skate supremacy in time and trick-based challenges from the comfort of their living rooms”.  Without giving specific release dates he simply said the game would be released later that year.

Verdict:  His general comment about the release date was fine as the game did come out but this was to most peoples disappointment as it failed to live up to any good expectations.

Modern Warfare 2

Claims: Keeping this one simple, we were simply told the release date would be November 10th.  Map packs would be released on Xbox Live! first.

Verdict: They were never going to miss this date and as expected the game was released on time. The Stimulus map pack was released on Xbox Live! a month before hitting the PlayStation network and the second pack is being released on XBL right about now with no release dates confirmed for any other platform.

Shadow Complex

Claims: Good old Cliffy B stated that the exclusive game would have over 10 hours of gameplay, have a release date in the summer and have around 120 hidden items.

Verdict: Summer release was reality and most gamers wrapped the game up in less than 10 hours but the hidden item was fairly accurate.

Joy Ride (yeah i forgot about it too)

Claims: This free to download XBLA avatar racing game was to be released in Winter.

Verdict: Still no sign of the game and I don’t know anyone who even remembered it being announced.

Left 4 Dead 2

Claim: Game would be released on November 17th.

Verdict: Straightforward, as the game was released on time.

Splinter Cell Conviction

Claims: The much delayed continuation of the Splinter Cell series was to be released exclusively on the Xbox 360 in Fall (Autumn for our European readers), 2009.

Verdict: Slight delay in the release date meant we had to wait until late Winter 2010 and the game was released on the PC about a week later.

Halo 3 ODST:

Claims: Release date 22nd September 2009 with Halo Reach beta access.

Verdict: Again Microsoft were never going to miss this deadline for one of their big hitters, it arrived right on schedule, and it seems most of the internet enjoyed Halo Reach beta access last month.

Alan Wake- Waiting for the lift

Alan Wake:

Claims: The game would actually see the light of day in Spring 2010.

Verdict:  Surprisingly the game that was starting to rival Duke Nuke’em Forever for delays was released just over a week ago.

Claims:  Partnership with would be exclusive to Microsoft.

Verdict: To date this is completely true but just how many people have used it more than once to see how it works?

Facebook and Twitter

Claims: Facebook and Twitter would be accessible from the Xbox dashboard in the fall.

Verdict:  They arrived but were not exactly seamlessly integrated. You have to log out of them to do anything else on your console.

Project Natal:

Claims: You’ll be able to use your body, voice, basically anything you can gets your hands on to control every single Xbox 360 game.

Verdict:  With a release date later this year, we’re all still guessing just how integrated Natal will be in our games or if it will be a Wii add on for the Xbox 360.

Final Verdict:

Microsoft delivered on the majority of the big release dates (except Joy Ride) but the social integration of Facebook and Twitter has not added much to our living room gaming experience. Natal is still in the future and we expect to see much more this year at E3 so we will withhold judgment until then.  If we were to give a score out of 10, Microsoft you will get a 7.

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  • Ben Lehman(wargamer17)

    Hey, I remember JoyRide and to this day still wonder when it will be released. I’m excited to play it. At this point though, it seems a lot like ModNation Racers but of course ModNation leaves JoyRide in the dust.

  • COD fan

    How the heck did they get a 7 for that? They released very few exclusives and the Natal thing shouldn’t count at all until it comes out. At best it was a 4.