P*N Game Night: Modern Warfare 2

What’s up again Platform Nation community, I am pleased to tell you again that the next game night for Platform Nation is…Modern Warfare 2. Over 20 of you voted on our forums and Modern Warfare 2 came out on top by only 2 votes.

The game night is for Xbox 360 so if you would like to participate, add Boss Kamikaze to your Xbox Live friends list, then send him a message and be there on the night so I can invite you into the game.

The game night will take place on Saturday June 5th @ 5pm EST & 10pm BST, so mark your calendars!

No DLC is required! So there will be no need to worry about that!

Time to grab your best gun, sniper or shotty and get ready for a hell of a good time. Some of the P*N Staff will be playing so why not show up and show off your skills to the best community gaming site out there! We will have a few codes for Snoopy Flying Ace on XBLA & Dr. Mazing! on XBLIG to giveaway on the night so turn up, be a good sport & you may just win something.

Have any questions or general discussions head here on our forums and i’m sure one of the lovely people here at P*N will get back to you. So until next time were Oscar Mike!

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  • Sweet.. I should be able to be there. Looking forward to it.

  • I’ll probably be on. Gamertag: Xer0Signal

  • TheLegionMaster

    i will be on.