The $5 Multiplayer Charge And Used Games

Now ever since it was announced, the word spread like wild fire as did opinions on the topic.  THQ among others said they would be charging a fee to get access to certain parts of a game, be it multiplayer or extra areas and challenges, if you didn’t buy the game new.  On games like The Saboteur, Mass Effect 2 or Dragon Age, it’s apparent the content they are keeping you from isn’t that important to that game (i.e. extra characters, side missions and special items), so the pricing for used remains the same.  Although with the UFC Undisputed 2010, where they are taking out the option of playing online, which basically cripples the game’s experience.  GameStop, and probably some of the other smaller used chains, have decided not to make the consumer eat that charge necessarily.  Where last year’s copy sold for five dollars less than the new copy when it came out, this year it is ten dollars less.  Mainly to make up for the $5 multiplayer charge.  Granted it’s not a ton, but at least they took it into consideration when pricing it out this year.  Although you still need to have some funds in your account if you want to play the used copy online, so you might want to pick up that points card before you lease as well.  It’ll be interesting to see if this used price dropping transcends to the new Tiger Woods or Madden games this year if EA Sports decides to cut the multiplayer out as well with “the ten dollar project” if you don’t buy the game new, I guess time will tell soon enough.

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