Hulu On Xbox 360 At The Rumor Mill

Everyone loves sources that you can’t disclose properly in name because they tend to be the most entertaining and yet somehow usually the most accurate. Publications like Ars Technica, Joystiq, and Engadget rarely get a bad tip, so hopefully the same can be said of Gear Live. They have apparently gotten a heads-up on some pretty sweet news: Hulu will be coming to the Xbox 360’s dashboard.

To clarify, Hulu has been spotted on internal builds and with nothing concretely set, but such as things usually are in the rumor business. Luckily, Gear Live manages to slather it on thick, further stating that Hulu will be announced as an Xbox Live service this E3, most likely during the June 14th Microsoft Media Briefing event. It will supposedly work very much like Netflix via the dashboard but also require a subscription fee with no word yet on what that money will get you. Perhaps it will work on the same model Hulu’s web component will go off of, i.e. pay for near unlimited access as opposed to restricted recent episodes to only certain TV licenses.

Though not a big fan of paying for Hulu since I’ve been getting it and all the subsequent jollies to be had with free online television sans payment or subscription since early 2007, if I can get my Always Sunny or Arrested Development fixes through more means that I currently have, I am definitely all for it.

But seriously, I’m not paying anymore for television programming.

Source from Gear Live via Engadget.

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