MW2 Double XP Weekend…Extended!

I mentioned last week that MW2 was having a double XP weekend to coincide with Memorial Weekend. Now with the impending release of the next MW2 map pack, Infinity Ward will be keeping the double XP switched on until June 7th, but this is only for the Xbox 360. Now before all the PS3 gamers get into a rage at Infinity Ward keep in mind this is for the release of the timed exclusive map pack out this Thursday and not because Infinity Ward prefer Xbox 360 so all the PS3 gamers will get in on the double XP again when the map pack is released for the PS3. All that said will you be one of the millions to buy the Resurgence Package? Let us know.

While you are here why not join Platform Nation this Saturday when we play MW2 for our Game Night. You can head here for all the details.

(via FourZeroTwo)

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  • Matthew

    I didn’t even buy the game because of all the lies and no dedicated servers, so I sure as hell won’t be buying the map pack.

    • John the Baptist

      well aint you a rebel

    • MasterAtreu

      You are my hero. It is because of all the lies.

    • KING

      ur an idiot, its a game, wats lies. is that wat ur mother told you when u asked for a reason why u werent allowed have the game???

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  • Ifudontplayurgay

    King u r so rite the majority of people play cod if u don’t sux to b u and hope u grow some nads this century and buy cod6

  • Carnival is NUTS!!! That is by far the best map ever.

  • Perses GoD 87

    Hmm the 8th n am still getin double xp…result!!! 😀

  • the map pack isent that good. fuel is the worst level of all time

  • well i dont know what people are complaining about, i really like the new map pack,
    fuel has an annoying glitch (the rock) but apart from that, they are quite good.

    also i didnt pay for them, one of my subscribers gave it to me free in return for a shout out on a youtube channel i run. so thats cool.

    i doubt i would have payed 13€ for them…