Where To Watch The RDR Short Film In The UK!

As everyone who is a fan of RDR knows, FOX aired  ‘A Short Film From Red Dead Redemption’ directed by John Hillcoat last Saturday. Now as many UK people may not know the film will also be airing on FIVE USA on Sky TV this Saturday night at 11:25pm. So now we don’t have any excuse as not to watch it. Will any of you guys be tuning in? Let us know here at Platform Nation.

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  • Nathan Hardisty

    Possibly able to watch this on Demand Five afterwards.

  • It wasn’t bad. I have it on the dvr to try and get it online later this week. Pace is a little odd, but it was impressive to watch.

  • I was really disappointed by the film when I watched it. Warning: It’s pretty much one big ad for the game. I also think they took footage from the game’s cutscenes and put it into this and called it a “film”. I can’t really confirm that, though.