EAs Project $10 Not About Combating Used Sales? Say What?

In an interview with MCV, EA UK GM and VP Keith Ramsdale, new details are released on the widely criticized plan by EA to include a one time use code with new games to allow online access.  Gamers who pick up the game used or from a second hand source will need to pony up $10 if they wish to access those features.  This initiative, dubbed Project $10, has drawn quite a bit of scorn from gamers already criticizing many of EAs moves and press clippings.

According to Ramsdale, this decision is “all about the customer, about improving their experience. It’s not a defensive measure against pre-owned or piracy.”  I’m not sure how that statement could be made with a straight face, but there you have it.  I guess it is just a random occurrence that these features are locked away from used game purchasers unless they pay the money to play the full game.  Perhaps this move will lower prices of used  games at GameStop?

To me, it seems as if they will be selling a game that is crippled without the special one time use codes that are included with new copies or paying $10 to unlock it with a used copy.  Not every gamer can run out and buy a game when it’s first released.  Some eventually pick up the game, new, when it drops in price.  Many others pick up the game used to save a bit more.   I wonder what the backlash will be once this practice is finally in place in retail stores.  I also wonder if other companies are watching to see the fallout before making their move to a similar practice.

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  • This sucks. I buy used games for my kids (and myself). The full price of 60 bucks is just not worth it to me, and if they cripple those games. Then they are just making it so i won’t play them at all. Maybe they don’t care as their is no cash in it for them on the resale.

    However i do believe they should keep shops like Gamestop in business, otherwise they will lose box sales and their exhorbitant fee.

    I hope this fails big time.

    Da Voodoochief

  • wow, as if the act wasn’t crapping on consumers enough…now they give a BS reason to add to the pile.

    EA: it was in the game.