Episode 113: I Heart Keytar

microphoneYou know what’s wrong with enough podcast? Not enough boobs.

We rectify that shortage this week as Cooper Hawkes takes a week off. In his place, Leah from Some Other Podcast comes by to visit and talk about what’s important to her… boobs, main. And games. Yeah, games. Lots of games.

In addition to chatting about boobs, Leah, Holy Goalie and Edie Sellers discuss:

  • A short, early review of Alan Wake.
  • An even shorter, even earlier review of Alpha Protocol.
  • Activision reveals its lastest Guitar Hero iteration — this time with heavy metal.
  • Rumors of a keytar circulate around Rock Band 3.
  • Michael Pachter’s loose lips sink Michael Jaffe’s big reveal: Twisted Metal 2.
  • And other stuff.
  • And boobs.


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