Liar’s Dice For Facebook

Liar’s Dice sound a little familiar?  If you have been playing Red Dead Redemption you may have played a few times by now, or maybe you are not a Red Dead Redemption fan and you have seen it played by Will against his father Davy Jones.  Where ever you have played this or have seen it played if you are a Facebook user I suggest you check this one out.  Don’t know how to play?  Well that is no big deal as it is a very easy game to catch onto and before you know it you will be addicted to the gameplay.  Here is a little bit about the game play:

Casino Liar’s Dice is an online version of the real world game of the same name. It is said that, long ago, this easy-to-play game was played by pirates. The game is notably seen in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

To play, each player rolls his five dice in a concealed manner, the result kept hidden until the end under the player’s personal cup. The players must then make bids on the result of all rolls, without being able to see the other players’ dice. Winning requires a little luck, a little mathematic skill and a little bluff.

Now do you know what I am talking about?  If not here is the link to check it out for yourself on Facebook.  So what are you waiting for go check it out and before you do here is a little more about Liar’s Dice:

  • Playing Online
  • The facebook game allows friends to play together at a special friends-only table.
  • A chat window allows players to communicate.
  • There are many types of cups and dice to use, allowing for personalisation.
  • The game is free to play, but those who wish it may obtain extra perks via micro-transactions, which are small real-money purchases made via PayPal.
  • A leaderboard allows players to find out what their rank is in the game according to the number of rounds won or the number of chips accumulated.
  • The game also allows players to post chips and other surprises to their wall, to share with their friends.
  • Players earn experience points while playing (and winning), gaining extra levels that show their friends their relative level of experience in the game.
  • More to Come
  • As player comments roll in and player numbers grow, Sarbakan plans to insert surprises in the game, such as tournaments.
  • There’s no doubt that other Facebook games will follow, whether they’re made for clients or for Sarbakan’s own satisfaction.

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  • eugaet

    Why? Why did you have to post about this? This is one of my main addictions in Red Dead Redemption! You have discovered the bane of my minimal free time and laid it at my feet.

    On an aside…I knew I recognized Sarbakan! They released Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg in 1999, a flash/browser game. That game was so much fun… May still be available somewhere if anyone is interested. It was a puzzle game where you had to guide a sleepwalking Mr. Snoozleberg through multiple levels by clicking on interactive objects at the right time and/or in the right sequence. I’ll admit, I may have consulted a walkthrough a time or two…