MW2 Resurgence Package Available Worldwide!

The second map pack dubbed Resurgence Package for Modern Warfare 2 is now available to buy worldwide exclusively on the Xbox Live Marketplace (PS3 owners will have to wait a few weeks to get there hands on this). For the lovely price of 1200msp you can get 3 new maps & 2 returning fan favourites from MW1. All players on MW2 can enjoy the extended Double XP until Monday June 7th even if you don’t buy the map pack.

From all the success of the Stimulus Package despite the pricing, it begs the question “Will you be buying the Resurgence Package?”. Alot of people said they wouldn’t be buying the Stimulus Package when it was released and look how that turned out because the Stimulus Package went on the break the DLC sales records on both Xbox Live & PSN.

New Maps:

  • Trailer Park – Contains tight corridors and condensed areas. Very maze-like with obvious choke points
  • Carnival – Desolate amusement park with excellent vantage points for snipers.
  • Fuel – Completely unique from the other maps. The setting is an oil refinery and is split into two sections.

Returning Fan Favourites:

  • Vacant – Deserted Russian office. Intense interior fighting.
  • Strike – Large urban desert town.

Add the Resurgence Package DLC to your Xbox Live download queue here!

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  • does nyone know when itll be out in the u.k

    • It’s out now! That’s why I put up this post 🙂

      • HM

        when will it be out on ps3? exact date!!!

        • No date has been mentioned yet!

          • xxlonewolf84

            This one website said for ps3 it comes out July 3rd. They said xbox360 goes first. Don’t know why.

  • Triple D

    When are the maps going to be available on live? It doesn’t let me download them.

  • xxlonewolf84

    The download finally came. After waiting for it to come out it does. It’s downloading right now. Hope it’s worth it.