Red Dead Redemption Free DLC

You have heard about it and Rockstar is making good on it.  Starting June 22nd you will be able to download “Outlaws To The End”  co-op mission pack.  So it comes out for the Xbox 360 on that date when should the PS3 owners expect it.  Well you are in luck the co-op mission pack will be released simultaneously for the 360 and the PS3.  Take a look at Rockstar’s Press Release:

Today we’re happy to announce that the ‘Outlaws To The End Co-Op Mission Pack’ for Red Dead Redemption will be available for download on June 22 for both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. This exciting new content will be free to download and includes six brand-new co-op missions, as well as new co-op challenges, bonus multiplayer XP rewards, and extra opportunities to unlock additional Achievements and Trophies. Up to four players can team up together online to experience these thrilling new missions, full of intense shoot-outs and strategic cooperative play.

Stay tuned for news about additional co-op missions in the coming weeks and visit for more information.

Ah, the fresh air of the wild west can I ever get enough of you. Thanks Rockstar!

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  • Sweet! Can’t wait for this 🙂

  • Smart move, since many folks I know are already tiring a little on the multiplayer grind, this was a good way to keep people playing RDR instead of moving back to their other games.

  • RDR multiplayer is severely lacking in co-op missions. The journal missions are alright and all, but it wasnt enough to keep grinding. This DLC pack is hitting at just the right time.