GameStop Offering Extra 50% Trade-In Temporarily

GameStop is currently increasing the value of traded-in games, up until June 13th. Trade-ins get an extra 50% towards store credit. Additionally, GameStop is running trade-in deals on or for Wiis, Super Mario Galaxy 2, UFC 2010, Red Dead Redemption, general hardware, and Split Second. At the same time, GameStop appears to be almost a target of EA’s online mode redemption code plan.

While the deal is good for those who just want the ease of taking something to a store, GameStop traditionally is pretty weak with the trade-in values. Nowadays, I personally find Glyde to be a pretty good outlet, outside of the wait to get your money. That’s the twist; I could either go to GameStop and get money/credit immediately, or post it on Glyde and get it in about a week. Still, I’m a stickler for actually buying used games; the collector in me wants everything in pristine condition, even if it’s something like Bomberman: Act Zero.

… yes, I’ve played Act Zero.

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